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About Us

Our company is dedicated to providing Fitness Training and Health Services at the highest possible standard. We offer a wide variety of fitness training options from group fitness classes to individual, one-on-one personal training sessions, online fitness classes and online personal fitness training. We specialize in providing detailed fitness programs and wellness coaching in addition to professional personal training and motivational fitness classes. Our ultimate goal is to see you reach your goals, whatever they may be. 

Our fitness professionals are carefully selected to ensure they genuinely believe in our vision; to change lives, build stronger, healthier communities, and have a positive and lasting impact on those we have the pleasure of working with. All of our Trainers and Instructors are Certified Fitness Professionals.

We now offer clients a unique delivery of these services by offering them as an online option; an alternative to overcome many issues that would normally prevent the pursuit of getting assistance from a fitness professional. Although it is not the same as experiencing these services in person, clients can be assured that they will still receive tailored programs, and quality on-the-go fitness guidance. Now, stay-at-home parents, students, businessmen and women, and people from all walks of life can have an opportunity to get the help they need to achieve their personal fitness goals.

Our Fitness Classes

We offer a wide variety of Group Fitness classes in Winnipeg, and communities in Manitoba and Ontario. Our current classes include Zumba, YogaFit, Fitness Bootcamps, Kickboxing and Interval classes, and Step. We are optimistic about our future in providing exceptional fitness classes and we are looking forward to adding more classes to our schedule as we grow! If you reside outside of Winnipeg and are interested in having us instruct Fitness Classes in your community, please contact us.

Our Fitness Trainers & Fitness Instructors

We take pride in our Fitness Professionals - we are all real people who want to inspire, motivate, promote healthy living, and change lives. Each of our Fitness Experts are Certified Professionals with a wealth of knowledge and experience. All of our Fitness Instructors and Trainers have their own style of instruction and flair, but they all have these key things in common - they are passionate about health and wellness, they are genuine individuals who have dedicated their lives to inspire others, and they are true leaders in their fields.

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